Swam strings

SWAM is a new-generation technology that enables musicians, performers, and composers to expand their creativity. The best solo instruments on the market in one convenient bundle. We have created Camelot for you! Camelot is a product made in collaboration with Fatar, world class keyboard and MIDI controller manufacturer.

Camelot delivers an innovative approach for live performance management, granting you the full access to plugin software instruments, hardware and synths, and MIDI controllers at the same time. Release Notes How to Update. If you love improvisation, you have to try recreating and playing the typical Balkan trumpet….

Keyboardist, Songwriter, Composer, Music Arranger. Expressive Virtual Instruments and Live Performance Software SWAM is a new-generation technology that enables musicians, performers, and composers to expand their creativity. Camelot Pro V. We spent a nice time…. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Cookie Policy.What is Audiobus? Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller. The cello sounds fantastic to me, as do all the SWAM instruments in the Roli app, but I am using it with the Seaboard Block keyboard which allows you to add the expression you want to your playing.

Using the control surface in app also allows similar expressive control, but the sounds themselves are not expressive, as such. By this I mean the the basic sound is fairly static, and requires expressive input in your playing. When adding vibrato though your playing though, they really come alive and sound much more realistic. If you don't like this, please give them feedback about it! Yesthe swam cello sounds great!

That is, if you like playing it on the screen and not being able to use it or record it with anything else. No iaa, no AU for most of the noise packs. The SWAM library is just amazing. I wish they make this work with the rest of ios ecosystem soon. I am still on the fence between getting a Roli Block and getting the Sensel.

I just checked and and yes you can play mpe from sensel into the Au of noise. I had a Roli light block, and it was cool, but the interface is kind of a pain to set up and save settings.

Audio Modeling SWAM Strings Quartet Demo (The Godfather cover)

The sensel is very straightforward, and the light touch sensitivity is like nothing else. I highly recommend the Sensel morph. PhilW said: Thanks for the feedback, just what I wanted to hear. Im hoping Sensel makes one available on the itunes store soon. I emailed them as well. Hopefully they will change things soon. Thanks - I do have a computer but I do all my music stuff on my iPad Pro. But I could make an exception fir setting up the Sensel. But it would be more convenient to have everything on the iPad.

swam strings

Hi all I have all the swam in Roli noise app, but in cubasis. I can not see these swam instruments. However, this creates a gap in the market for an enterprising fellow, maybe you, to sell us all fully AU3 packs of similar types and quality.SWAM Violin is an instrument based on physical modeling. So it is possible to control the main mechanical variables in real time.

For example, the velocity controls the attack of the sound and the portamento time, as well when playing legato. The Mod. Wheel can control the vibrato and any foot pedal can be assigned to the expression. There is indeed no limit to the number of possible combinations. The realism and expressiveness of the SWAM instrument requires a computer with at least a 1.

Less powerful systems may also prove satisfactory, but may require larger buffer sizes, involving higher latencies. Great Deals with Bundles: get the entire family at once! Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. The best solo instruments on the market in one convenient bundle. Are you a composer or a producer? SWAM is perfect for your workflow. You can adjust any sound and behavioral parameter to get exactly the response you want.

Are you a live performer? SWAM is the only tool available to play a realistic virtual acoustic instrument in real-time. And with the smallest footprint. Forget about Giga-sized pre-recorded libraries!

Finally, thanks to SWAM, you can play a realistic virtual violin in real-time, in a way that has never been possible with ordinary sample libraries!

SWAM Violin. Swam Violin. The most realistic, real-time controllable, expressive virtual violin on the market.

Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

With SWAM instruments you can compose and arrange your orchestra pieces or concertos. Small footprint! Perform live with Camelot.

swam strings

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Cookie Policy.Do you want to write and perform realistic strings in your music?

Do you want to craft the expression, movement and emotion of your string parts with the highest degree of control? Then the SWAM solo strings bundle might be just perfect for you! This is a collection of 4 instruments, which form a string section: Bass, Cello, Viola and Violin. They are physically modelled instruments. Which means the sound is based on advanced algorithms, instead of simply playing back a bunch of recordings. And I have to say I am truly impressed by the incredible control these instruments give us composers.

Then you can map these to for example: dynamics, vibrato depth, vibrato speed, portamento speed and so on. I have simply fallen in love with this high degree of control over every performance. What I have been lacking the most in sample libraries, is the control over the transitions and vibrato of every note.

Transitions meaning how you go from one note to the next, and how you control the vibrato over the sustain of the note. The main limitation of these instruments, is that you can only play melodic lines, meaning one note at a time. Another thing I lack which I would love if it was added, is an ensemble mode, meaning some way of creating realistic ensembles for each instrument.

With control over amount of players, timing variations etc. SWAM solo strings bundle might have a bit of a learning curve since you have so much control.

Welcome to the Audio Modeling Support Center

But once you start to get the feel and flow for these instruments, you will be able to write and perform amazing string parts for your music. So for realistic melodic and expressive strings, these have been added into my favorite list in my DAW.

Get a full overview and specifications, listen to audio demos etc. Do you want New Sounds?Easy to play lyrical and expressive instruments created for MPE controllers Variety of different timbres for each instrument No sample pool so small instruments Extremely adjustable to get the sounds you need Clean and clear GUI with essential information easy to understand.

Some instrument need tweaking out of the box, depending on the controller you are using Some extended articulations missing, but very impressive for what the technology allows The GUI contains so much information and I would have liked to have seen a help function for the less obvious controls so I wasn't constantly referring back to the manual. Having played with the instruments for some time now the strengths certainly outweigh the limitations.

The technology is still new and for such a high level of instrument having already been achieved, I am excited to see how Audio Modelling take these instruments further.

The only real limitation for me is the amount or articulations and I stressed in the video that with different controllers you can create more incredible articulations. While some articulations are not present currently, the high level of expressiveness is really easy to achieve in real time.

You can tweak this in the midi programming later yet you should not need to. With other solo instrument packages, you can create extremely realistic melodies and performances, but in my experience the programming can take hours to get right. With the SWAM instruments, it takes only one performance. The strings are instantly playable out of the box. I love the expressive feel and they fit effortlessly into productions.

Not having the ability to control vibrato of an instrument is one of the key factors I look for when purchasing a new library. As a guitarist I find myself wanting to wobble the keys of my MIDI keyboard to get vibrato with no effect, just a habit. They take playing instruments into a whole new dimension and they really need to be tried to be believed. Aside from being able to tweak many parameters of each type of instrument, I really like how each instrument has different variants with different timbres.

Not only does this represent great value for money, but it should eliminate any need for other solo instrument libraries. I agree to an extent, yet if you need Bartok Pizzicato then you may need to look elsewhere. But for main articulations there is so much here in guise of legato, staccato, pizzicato, col legno, glissando, bends, trills and grace notes. Yet, as with all new technologies, I can imagine development is an ongoing process and these articulations will become available in the future.

The brass instruments sounded very authentic to me yet they required the most set up. The portamento needed to be adjusted for each instrument and I did tweak certain aspects of the playing.

The brass did not feel synthetic although with extra reverb I felt they really came into their own. I like all of my libraries to be as dry as possible so I can add my own reverbs and create a performance space.

swam strings

I find it a great option to be able to play the instruments completely dry and did not find the in built reverb to be too over powering. I used a large, cinematic reverb in the video, I can imagine with subtle use, these instruments can be used easily as soloists and first chairs.

Again, the excess of options, playing styles and mutes is exceptional and necessary to get the best out of your MPE controller and these instruments. Finally, the woodwinds really came into their own with the human feel. The breath and key sounds along with the expressive vibrato and legato made these instruments feel alive. While many libraries have these features sampled, these nuances are also controlled by your MPE controller.

This makes each performance unique and not just a slight variation or round robin of a key or breath sample. I found the woods to be extremely responsive and very expressive.Developed using the Digital Waveguide Synthesis Prof.

As the smallest footprint creates the perfect organic consistency that is typical of traditional instruments, SWAM Solo Strings is extremely lightweight, and does not include any samples. SWAM Solo Strings allows composers, musicians, and performers to play — both in the recording studio and during live shows — digitally handcrafted acoustic instruments that are not built on sample libraries, but on a set of real virtual instruments based on their traditional counterparts.

Great Deals with Bundles: get the entire family at once! Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. The best solo instruments on the market in one convenient bundle. Solo Strings. Home Solo Strings.

Review: SWAM All in Bundle by Audio Modeling

Julius Smith — Stanford University combined with the Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling technology, these virtual instruments are the perfect combination of the most innovative performance techniques and concepts of Physical and Behavioral Modeling. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Cookie Policy.JT Stephan Interesting post, but you seem to be missing a really big part of the picture. Viera What an article.

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SWAM Solo Strings (Review)

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